We have Abyssinian kittens for sale!!!

Me and my precious little Abyssinian girl named Angel Emmanuelle. She is very special! 
abyssinian cat

You are such a lovely bird! I'm in love :)) Kiss me please!
Such a beautiful couple! what do you think about it?
abyssinian cat

Hey! talk to me!
stop reading!
abyssinian cat

Sam Emmanuelle is enjoying the sun in his new home in Stuttgart.
abyssinian cat

Anaksounamoun Emmanuelle became Best in Show and best Variete in th cat show in France l'expo Montargis
judges lived her so much!
abyssinian cat

abyssinian cat  abyssinian cat  abyssinian cat

First Silver Chausie kittens born in the world!!!!
Mother: Marquise Silver d'Addis Abebba (ABY ns)
Father: Asheracat Sammy (Shausie Black Ticked Tabby)




My little daughter loves to feed our cats herself! it is soooo sweet )))

That's me and beautiful Madonna )) cat show Royal Canin.

Breaking news!!

Our Abyssinian girl named Cleopatre Emmanuelle on the French TV! 

Happy New Year!!!!


I looove watermelons! It is so tasty 

We have kittens available for sale!

abyssinian cat 


Abyssinian boy is booked! pretty soon he will fly to the German Abyssinian cattery :)
abyssinian cat

abyssinian cat

Abyssinian boy named Ronald also asked us to make for him the same shot we've made for his friend.
He said: hey it's not fare! I'm also very cute ;) I want the same profile picture
abyssinian cat

Looking forward to seeing my future mom and dad!
абиссинские котята

I'm not only the most handsome Abyssinian cat but also I'm also the funniest kitten ever :)

абиссинские котята 
абиссинский котенок

Little Abyssinian star!
абиссинский котенок

I'm a young Abyssinian romantic. Am I cute enough?
abyssinian cat


Madonna and cherries :)


Daughter of our Madonna is Best in Show in Paris !

Aby boy always wants to be with us! even in the bathtub!


We have sent a beatiful cat to New York! Cats name is Cesaro :) cesaro's new daddy sent us a very warm feedback:

We found Julia's cattery on Instagram where she posts pictures of her beautiful cats. It honestly seemed like an insane proposition to order a kitten from Russia, and I contacted Julia more out of curiosity. However, she was very understanding of my concerns and paranoia, and answered all my questions (there were a lot). She was eager to skype, and even set up a video conference from the vet when my kitten was getting microchipped! She was in constant contact with photos and videos and assured us of his safe passage to NYC. Some people I spoke with had issues with making the cat having to fly by himself, but it's really not bad. They go through a very strict health inspection, and are made sure to be healthy and vaccinated before they any case, one day of flying for a healthy cat is better than a store that keeps them stacked in cages where they crap all over each other and get sick (I've had an unfortunate experience with this).

He was been home with us for about a week now, and we couldn't be happier. Cesaro had his first vet check here and came out totally healthy. He's is the sweetest, most curious, little Abyssinian boy. He is very well adjusted to people, as Julia raises all her cats in her home, and not skittish like the kittens in pet stores. Bottom line, pet stores suck! Definitely give Julia a call if you are looking for a kitten that comes from a loving home, and from a person who takes time to work with you, and treats your concerns as she would her own. Thank you, Julia!


Our abyssinian cat looks so stylish!! This wonderful picture was sent by the new owner of the kitty - Jana. She lives in Dubai. We've arrange a shipment to Dubai in January. It was the most complicated shipment ever, but we did it!!
abyssinian cat


Mary Beinner from Seattle loves her new abyssinian cat! She has sent us a feedback today:
From the moment I contacted Julia at Emmanuelle Abyssinian Cattery she was a pleasure to deal with…she was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, quick to think of and handle all of the details and answer all of my questions.  She safely delivered a beautiful sorrel Abyssinian kitten that was healthy and well-tempered.  I could not be more satisfied and highly recommend working with the cattery.

Today our abyssinian ruddy boy is flying to the USA to his new mommy Mary Beinner! We wish you a very safe flight dear Thor Beinner :)
abyssinian cat

Happy St Valentines Day!

Our little Abyssinian boy is traveling today to Dubai to his new home!


Abyssian fawn boy for sale. Worldwide shipment


We finally have kittens!
абиссинские кошки


Cattery Emmanuelle and club FARUS would like to invite you to the annual cat show in Moscow. It will take place on 15th of November in Moscow.
As a pleasant surprise all our friends I've made a coupon with 50% discount. Entrance fee is 200 rubles with this coupon you will pay only 100 rubles.
For more details please contact me +7 926 152 55 62. 

Kleopatra gave birth to two sweet little abyssinian kittens.
abyssinian cat

Our beautiful ruddy boy successfully traveled to Swiss! Now he has a new loving family :)
abyssinian cat

Our abyssinian cat named Madonna is singing :)
abyssinian cat

Kleopatra is our new abyssinian electician!
abyssinian cat

Our beautiful green-eyed Madonna is now mating with gorgeous Abyssinian cat named Truffle. We hope that in the middle of the June we’ll have beautiful green-eyed Abyssinian kittens!


Sorel boy is vacant and looking for a new home :)


Our 3 abyssinian kittens.

our baby abyssinians are extremely cute :)




Rrrr ! I'm a little wild cat! but I also like hugs! 
our sweet little aby boy )))


Mmmmm tasty baby!!!


Madonna is singing as usual :) and pregnant Emmanuelle is admiring the snow-covered landscape!

Happy Old New Year!!!
So-called Old New Year – a feast that seems to be totally incomprehensible for many foreigners :)
The Old New Year is one of those Russian holidays that is a bit puzzling but has an interesting background!
Madonna from Emmanuel cattery is inviting all friends from far and near to come and join the celebration!

May all your dreams come true!! Wishing you a Happy New Years filled with tons of good luck!


Cattery Emmanuelle and club FARUS would like to invite you to the annual cat show in Moscow. It will take place on 16th of November in Moscow.
As a pleasant surprise all our friends I've made a coupon with 30% discount. Entrance fee is 200 rubles with this coupon you will pay only 140 ruble.
For more details please contact me +7 926 152 55 62. Or visit our group in VK



Now abyssinian cattery Emmanuelle is registered in CFA.


Next week we'll have kittens!!!!!!!

Kleopatra of Emmanuelle and some caviar  :)


Pretty kitty on my laps ;) Kleopatra of Emmanuelle




Our charming Kleopatra


Our new cat -  Nigh Hunter Kleopatra II of Emmanuelle. We are so happy!!! she is perfect :)


Who wants an endless summer? Me!!!!




Emmanuelle и Black Jack had a date! 

In the middle of October we'll have new beautiful kittens!


growing up!


playing with mommy :)


Mommy loves her baby - aby!


Kittens and a fir-tree. And our ruddy boy with a funny bug (on the right pic)


Our baby is exploring a new tree.


Our baby is getting ready for the final FIFA World Cup 2014! training with the ball :)

We've bought a new scratcher, our cats are enjoying it!



We moved to our country house, our cats are happy!

Our cute little kitty is very cute and friendly!


Great news! We have wonderful Abyssinian kittens! They were born tonight! We open reservation for these little angels! You are very welcome to come to our cattery and pick the best kitten! We are desperately waiting for you.


Finally the problem with the cat’s toilet has been solved! We taught our Abyssinian cat how to use a toilet.
We managed to do it! Now our little angel uses a real toilet.


Our Abyssinian cat was awarded with a Champion title!


Our Abyssinian cat is preparing herself for the cat show and taking a bath!


Tender moment


Finally we’ve arranged a first date for Emma and Jack.
They felt in love from the first sight and proved it all night long.


Today our Abyssinian cat Emmanuelle participated in the annual FARUS cat show.
She won the first price and was awarded with a Junior Champion title.





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