Welcome to the Abyssinian cattery “Emmanuelle”!

“Emmanuelle” cattery is breeding purebred American Abyssinian cats. We love our cats, feed them with the best food and make all necessary vaccination.

Abyssinians are the aristocrats of the cat world. They are truly the most graceful and magnificent creatures.


We offer you to buy a purebred Abyssinian kittens with a pedigree. Our kitten’s parents are the titled champions. We will be glad to answer your questions, call us! Abyssinian cattery "Emmanuelle" will introduce you to the lovely Abyssinian kitten’s world. You will admire their intelligence and high activity level. You’ll love them from the first sight!

On our web-site we present the best kittens from our cattery! We offer our kittens for breeding (“show” and “breed” class), as well as a “pet” class.

abyssinian cat

We have Abyssinian kittens for sale!!!






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